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Gund is not only the leading plush manufacturer in the United States, it's also the oldest – so we'll let them speak for themselves:

"For more than a century, Gund has been creating Teddy Bears and other huggable toys recognized for their unique softness, quality, and design. A German immigrant named Adolph Gund founded the company in 1898, making Gund the oldest plush toy company in the United States. Pronounced a very American 'Guhnd' rather than a German 'Goond,' they were one of the first to design and produce Teddy Bears in the early 1900s.

"Gund is known worldwide for its top quality, soft and huggable plush designs. Award-winning Gund products appeal to all ages, from infants up, and are perfect for both play and collecting. The 104-year-old company is based in Edison, New Jersey, and distributes throughout the United States and Canada as well as in Europe, Japan, Australia and South America."

Browse our selection and you'll quickly understand why so many people feel they've "Gotta Getta Gund"®!

Barton's Creek Collection Bears
Contains 4 bears starting at $50.00

Everyday Bears
Contains 9 bears starting at $6.00

Special Collection Bears
Contains 3 bears starting at $40.00

Gund bears are child-safe and surface washable – making them ideal for Teddy collectors of any age. If the bear will be handled by an infant or a young child, The Teddy Baron suggests removing all tags and ribbons as they could pose a choking hazard. The Barton's Creek Collection bears, however, are designed for collectors and are not intended for young children.

To review a list of Gund's awards, please visit our Featured Manufacturers' Awards section.

The Gund and Barton's Creek Collection names, logos, and the phrase "Gotta Getta Gund" are registered trademarks of Gund, Inc., and are protected by US and international copyright. The Teddy Baron is not affiliated with Gund, Inc., beyond being an authorized retailer and references these items for identification purposes only.

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